The Corn Field

Corn field

Prompt provided by Kristen Hill.  Original can be found in the writing prompt group on Facebook.

The story was written by myself.


Prompt: Two friends go into a corn maze on Halloween. Only one comes out.


The Jamison’s Farm was known for two things in Gladesville, Excellent produce and the spookiest haunted cornfield in the tri-county area. Tonight was the night and Mark had been looking forward to it ever since Bethany had agreed to go with him three weeks ago.
Mark stood to himself drinking apple cider as he watched various people bobbing for apples and meeting with friends to go into the corn field. Now and then a couple or small group would come out laughing and talking about how scared they were inside. From what he had overheard so far this year the farm had done particularly well with the scare factor and decorations.
As Mark watched a couple about his age sneaking kisses next to a bail of hay he began to wish that it were he and Bethany. The two had been friends for several years now and while they did many things together that most would have considered dates.. She still seemed to see him as just a friend. Wishing he could change that Mark was still oblivious to his surroundings when someone approached from behind and covered his eyes. “Guess who!” came the melodic feminine voice he knew better than his own. Mark laughed aloud “A supermodel?” he asked playfully. “No silly” Beth giggled. Turning in her arms Mark was surprised when she Kissed him on the lips, though it was a quick peck it set his head spinning.
Stepping back from Mark to showcase her kitten costume she slowly turned while maintaining eye contact while emphasizing key features. If he was shocked before he was absolutely speechless now as he stammered and stuttered. Her actions and choice of skimpy attire was way out of character but his brain wasn’t registering that in the wake of his fantasies come true. “Well? What do you think?” “um.. Um.. yeah.. Think.. I thank you.. Wow.” was all he managed to get out causing her to giggle again “compliment accepted!” she squealed as she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the corn field “Lets go! I’ve been waiting for this for ever!”.

Fifteen minutes later –

Bethany had been running a little behind due to costume difficulties. Her raggedy ann makeup had come out looking more like something from IT and she had decided to just remove it entirely. Walking into the festival she was greeted by Mrs. Wilson her Senior year science teacher “Welcome back Bethany! I didn’t even see you leave. Glad you decided to change though that so much more appropriate and oh so adorable!” “umm thanks, what do you mean though?” “Oh I saw you earlier in the… you know.. Sexy cat outfit when you practically threw yourself at Mark… I mean I know you two have had a crush on each other for years but that’s not like you at all…” chided Mrs. Wilson. “Oh” blushed Beth not realizing she had been so obvious about her feelings for Mark and still utterly confused about the rest. “Where is Mark?” She asked. “Oh I haven’t seen him since you drug him into the cornfield earlier..”

After looking around the festival for several minutes she pulled out her cell phone and tried calling him. “Bethany, where did you go?” “Hey Mark, I was running late I just got to the festival, where are you?” “That’s not funny Beth, I know you’re trying to scare me.” “what are you talking about?” “You just ran off in front of me, this isn’t funny.” He sounded frustrated and she was starting to get annoyed. Snapping a photo of her next to Mrs. Wilson she sent it to him. “What the… You haven’t had time to change there’s no way..” she heard a voice that sounded a lot like hers in the background “Mark whoever is in there with you that isn’t me I swear..” The line was quiet for a few moments other than heavy breathing as mark started to panic then a voice that sounded identical to her own came over the line “She’s right Mark.. I’m not Bethany” the woman giggled “Oh Shi..” his words were cut off and the line went dead.

Mark was never found and there were no signs of the woman he had entered with.. The morning after the police recovered Marks phone, the only evidence of anything wrong was a photo mark snapped, He looked terrified and the woman behind him would have been an exact duplicate of Bethany if not for her dark lifeless eyes and an aura darker than the night.. Some say he was abducted by a psychopath, others say it was a mistress of the night.. The truth may never be known.


First Impressions



Writing Prompt and Story written by myself

Both can be found on facebook

December 2nd, 2017


Prompt: You wake up with a massive hangover and no memory of the night before. Using clues around you piece together the events of the night before.


     Sparks erupted inside my head as pain seared.  My eyes fluttered open briefly but closed tight again as intensely bright sunlight encompassed the entirety of my vision.  Groaning I reached for the blanket but only found empty sheet beneath me as I buried my face in the pillow.  “Why does my head hurt so badly?” I thought to myself.  Several minutes passed as I lay there fighting the urge to be sick.  Finally as it subsided I sat up in bed I looked around.  


Nope.. Definitely not my bedroom..  Tall buildings could be seen out the uncovered window directly across from the bed.  Stumbling across the room with my hand covering my eyes I slammed the blinds shut blocking out the sun.  My head Throbbed terribly as I peered around the room.  By the decor it was obviously a hotel room… A rather nice hotel room.  Looking down I noticed clothing strewn around the floor, my clothing mixed with those of a much smaller individual.


Pieces of memories flashed through my head from the night before.  I was at a club, but I couldn’t place where.  I was there for work, I knew that much but I couldn’t remember what I even did for a living.  The sound of running water finally cut through, someone was in the shower and the door was cracked to the bathroom.  Hurriedly I dug my jeans out from under the edge of the bed and put them on not even bothering with my underwear.  Out of instinct I checked the nightstand, a gun lay in a holster.  Shock and familiarity battled in my mind as I tried to piece it together.  Out of instinct I pulled the holstered firearm from the drawer and slid it into my jeans, clipping the holster to my belt on my right hip before retrieving my shirt from the floor just as the water stopped.


The bathroom door opened just as I pulled the shirt into place hiding the gun as if it were second nature.  I know my jaw must have hit the floor, I couldn’t stop staring at the gorgeous woman that walked out into the room in front of me.  She had a stunning smile that more than reached her breath taking green eyes as they sparkled brightly.  Arms stretched above her head she wrapped a towel around her long lustrous black hair leaving the rest of her toned curvy body bare as if it weren’t anything out of the ordinary.  


My memory flashing to the night before I recalled images of her seated next to me, her hand on mine and the wedding band she still wore as she stood before me.  “What’s wrong sweetie?” She ask in the most angelic voice I’ve ever heard, her smile turning to a worried frown as she crossed the room.  I took a step back and she stopped.  “Jeff, what’s the matter with you?” she ask again in a confused tone.  “Yo-You’re married?” I stuttered.  Looking relieved she crossed the room backing me against the wall “Yes silly, six wonderful years now!” She laughed lightly as she took my hand in hers displaying the matching band on my hand as well.  Wrapping her arms around my neck she pressed herself into me taking my lips with no arguments to be had.  The slow sunder of the kiss quickly grew as our mouths parted and tongues exploring like teenagers on prom night.  I guess I’m not doing to bad if I can keep this much passion in a marriage this long, I thought to myself.  


Breaking the kiss she stepped back.  “I can’t believe you finally cracked the code Jeff!  I’m so excited for what it means for our future.  Let me finish packing and we’ll celebrate one more time before we head home she winked swatting my butt playfully.  A few minutes later she returned laying a long black dress over her suitcase and sitting her heels next to the chair.  “Where’d you put the disk sweetheart?” She ask.  “It’s in my jacket pocket in the trunk of the car.” I told her as I walked forward with nothing on my mind but her.


“Now where were we?” She ask, Kissing my neck “You won’t be needing this.” she chuckled as she began pulling my shirt over my head.  Just as my eyes were covered she shoved me back on the bed.  Thinking it was part of the plan I lay there waiting for what was to come next and that’s when I heard the all to familiar hiss of the suppressor as three rounds hit my chest.


Waking up in the hospital the next day my head was clear.  I must have been drugged because my memory was perfect now.  I was Special Agent Charles J Parker, Code name Jeff.  I had been deep cover for nearly nine months.  My handler gave me good news, the gorgeous spy that nearly killed me and made away with the vital Intel was also a government agent, neither of us had been aware that other friendlies were in play… And that’s how I met my wife of nearly 3 years today.. So I raise a toast to the only woman who’s ever got the slip on me, My heart, My better half.  I love you Sarah.  The small crowd of operatives at the anniversary part drank to the toast as Jeff and Sarah embraced with as much fire in their kiss as on the day she uncharacteristically spared him.  


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Story Time



With my blog starting back I thought I’d show everyone what I’ve been working on lately.  I’ll be adding “The Reading Corner” tab for my short stories and original works.  Each week I’ll be posting a minimum of one story/short story along with the writing prompt that inspired it.  Full credit will be given to anyone who contributes a prompt and I’m more than happy to feature other writers in The Reading Corner.

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December 2nd, 2017

Don’t hate the bad more than you love the good…


 Don't hate the bad

I came across a facebook picture depicting a white police officer posing with a black woman and her son.

The woman had approached the officer at a park and requested to pray for his safety, offering her gratitude for his services.


This struck me in an unexpected way and I’ve been thinking about it all day.  I think sometimes in our fight against wrong, it’s easy to forget the value of celebrating what’s right.

To be truly equal it’s important to educate and promote change without oppression of others.

I myself have been guilty of it.  For years I’ve fought for religious acceptance and equality for my faith.  Through the early years I fostered hatred, within myself, towards my old path and its followers.

Wrongly I stereotyped all people of that ideology for the wrong doings of the past.   In the last few years I’ve awakened.  While yes, the actions of the past were horrible.  While those actions set back and oppressed such a beautiful way of life…  No living person is responsible or to blame.

I’ve since grown to recognize and respect the views and opinions of many individuals; Individuals who I would have, at one time, dismissed simply for my vendetta against their spiritual practice.

The simple truth that I’ve learned is that we can have our vendetta or we can have equality.  We cannot, however, have both.

In a world of equals there can be no us or them.  There can only be we.  We all have to help one another up so that we may all stand together side by side.

Police officers aren’t all racist, corrupt oppressors.  African Americans aren’t all criminals.  Caucasians aren’t all upstanding citizens.

Point being…

None of us are what we appear to be.  We are ALL what we CHOOSE to be.

I beg you all, don’t hate the bad more than you love the good…

Give praise where it is do.


OneCadence/Brad Mize

April 18TH, 2016

OneCadence, Equality United


Field tree

What is OneCadence?  OneCadence is the Ideal that we may all come together as one voice. One tribe.

OneCadence is the hope that no matter what we stand for as individuals – Religious Freedom, Racial Equality, Acceptance of Gender and Sexual Orientation – that we may too come together in unity as one. We don’t have to believe the same way. All we have to do is respect one anothers right to be who and what we are as individuals and equals.

I sit here, reflecting upon a phenomenal weekend with lots of good friends, both old and new.

This previous Saturday and Sunday was the Viking Festival at Heavener, Oklahoma Runestone Park. Upon arriving, we found that it was packed…cars parked up and down the winding hillside.

Finally, after what seemed like ages later, we made it to the top and entered the world of festivities. Those of us who came together set off to find our sister, who had arrived earlier in the day.

Once she had been located, the adventure back in time began. Through the masses of Viking warriors and painted women we went.

Within a short time, we were able to locate our buddies, from Northern Arkansas/Missouri, watching the birds of prey show!
It wasnt long after, my sister and I departed on a quest with a song in our hearts and the promise to find trouble wherever we went!

Our quest you ask? To locate hot scantily clad individuals and the phone numbers that accompanied them!

While failing our objective, the task was not to be a complete loss, for a big-boobed belly dancer we did find! Pictures were secured of the ladies together, and along our way we went once more!

That night we were fortunate to meet new friends –a couple from Pea Ridge and another from Dallas –and a signal fire was built to celebrate and guide lost souls through the night!

One such soul came through the darkness from just down the hill! “Your fire is too big! So I have brought you more wood!” saith he. While on a late night Dr. Pepper run for his wife, the friendly wood artisan found himself drawn to the light.

Many a jokes were shared late into the night! Our circles ranged greatly in diversity – from Jews, Pagans, Atheists, Agnostics, Gay, Straight, Bi and everything in between.

Events like this give me great joy and hope. If a group of people, mostly strangers none the less, are able to put aside their differences, share a night of discussion around the fire, and walk away as friends. Maybe.. Just maybe our goal isn’t so far out of reach.

For those of you who were there with us, thank you for the wonderful time, great company, and friendships new and old!

For those who weren’t able to make it out, I hope to see you among us next time around!

As always, feedback is encouraged! Tell me your crazy weekend stories!


OneCadence /Brad Mize

Only the beginning




Some of you may know me from various places – Previous blogs, social media or even in person.  I’ve gone by several different pen names – Ira, WitchyWays or OneCadence – over the years.

This particular entry is for those of you who don’t know me on a personal level and / or aren’t familiar with my work.

I’m a single father, an aspiring blogger, a survivor, and a hopeful voice for those who haven’t yet found their own.

It’s my hope that given a chance I may not only break past the social stigma that my generation has placed upon itself, but also to inspire, inform, and entertain with the experiences of my life – or perhaps I’ll give you a new point of view to consider if nothing else.

Where I may be lacking in total years on the planet, I make up for in life experiences of a very diverse range, due to growing up hard and fast.   I’ll be covering topics ranging from the personal day-to-day activities within the comunity, equality – of Religion, Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation etc. – and everything in between.

I want to give a special thanks to my editor and friend, Elishevah Godfrey.

Thank you all for your support, any and all feed back is not only appreciated but encouraged.



April 14th, 2016