OneCadence, Equality United


Field tree

What is OneCadence?  OneCadence is the Ideal that we may all come together as one voice. One tribe.

OneCadence is the hope that no matter what we stand for as individuals – Religious Freedom, Racial Equality, Acceptance of Gender and Sexual Orientation – that we may too come together in unity as one. We don’t have to believe the same way. All we have to do is respect one anothers right to be who and what we are as individuals and equals.

I sit here, reflecting upon a phenomenal weekend with lots of good friends, both old and new.

This previous Saturday and Sunday was the Viking Festival at Heavener, Oklahoma Runestone Park. Upon arriving, we found that it was packed…cars parked up and down the winding hillside.

Finally, after what seemed like ages later, we made it to the top and entered the world of festivities. Those of us who came together set off to find our sister, who had arrived earlier in the day.

Once she had been located, the adventure back in time began. Through the masses of Viking warriors and painted women we went.

Within a short time, we were able to locate our buddies, from Northern Arkansas/Missouri, watching the birds of prey show!
It wasnt long after, my sister and I departed on a quest with a song in our hearts and the promise to find trouble wherever we went!

Our quest you ask? To locate hot scantily clad individuals and the phone numbers that accompanied them!

While failing our objective, the task was not to be a complete loss, for a big-boobed belly dancer we did find! Pictures were secured of the ladies together, and along our way we went once more!

That night we were fortunate to meet new friends –a couple from Pea Ridge and another from Dallas –and a signal fire was built to celebrate and guide lost souls through the night!

One such soul came through the darkness from just down the hill! “Your fire is too big! So I have brought you more wood!” saith he. While on a late night Dr. Pepper run for his wife, the friendly wood artisan found himself drawn to the light.

Many a jokes were shared late into the night! Our circles ranged greatly in diversity – from Jews, Pagans, Atheists, Agnostics, Gay, Straight, Bi and everything in between.

Events like this give me great joy and hope. If a group of people, mostly strangers none the less, are able to put aside their differences, share a night of discussion around the fire, and walk away as friends. Maybe.. Just maybe our goal isn’t so far out of reach.

For those of you who were there with us, thank you for the wonderful time, great company, and friendships new and old!

For those who weren’t able to make it out, I hope to see you among us next time around!

As always, feedback is encouraged! Tell me your crazy weekend stories!


OneCadence /Brad Mize