The Corn Field

Corn field

Prompt provided by Kristen Hill.  Original can be found in the writing prompt group on Facebook.

The story was written by myself.


Prompt: Two friends go into a corn maze on Halloween. Only one comes out.


The Jamison’s Farm was known for two things in Gladesville, Excellent produce and the spookiest haunted cornfield in the tri-county area. Tonight was the night and Mark had been looking forward to it ever since Bethany had agreed to go with him three weeks ago.
Mark stood to himself drinking apple cider as he watched various people bobbing for apples and meeting with friends to go into the corn field. Now and then a couple or small group would come out laughing and talking about how scared they were inside. From what he had overheard so far this year the farm had done particularly well with the scare factor and decorations.
As Mark watched a couple about his age sneaking kisses next to a bail of hay he began to wish that it were he and Bethany. The two had been friends for several years now and while they did many things together that most would have considered dates.. She still seemed to see him as just a friend. Wishing he could change that Mark was still oblivious to his surroundings when someone approached from behind and covered his eyes. “Guess who!” came the melodic feminine voice he knew better than his own. Mark laughed aloud “A supermodel?” he asked playfully. “No silly” Beth giggled. Turning in her arms Mark was surprised when she Kissed him on the lips, though it was a quick peck it set his head spinning.
Stepping back from Mark to showcase her kitten costume she slowly turned while maintaining eye contact while emphasizing key features. If he was shocked before he was absolutely speechless now as he stammered and stuttered. Her actions and choice of skimpy attire was way out of character but his brain wasn’t registering that in the wake of his fantasies come true. “Well? What do you think?” “um.. Um.. yeah.. Think.. I thank you.. Wow.” was all he managed to get out causing her to giggle again “compliment accepted!” she squealed as she grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the corn field “Lets go! I’ve been waiting for this for ever!”.

Fifteen minutes later –

Bethany had been running a little behind due to costume difficulties. Her raggedy ann makeup had come out looking more like something from IT and she had decided to just remove it entirely. Walking into the festival she was greeted by Mrs. Wilson her Senior year science teacher “Welcome back Bethany! I didn’t even see you leave. Glad you decided to change though that so much more appropriate and oh so adorable!” “umm thanks, what do you mean though?” “Oh I saw you earlier in the… you know.. Sexy cat outfit when you practically threw yourself at Mark… I mean I know you two have had a crush on each other for years but that’s not like you at all…” chided Mrs. Wilson. “Oh” blushed Beth not realizing she had been so obvious about her feelings for Mark and still utterly confused about the rest. “Where is Mark?” She asked. “Oh I haven’t seen him since you drug him into the cornfield earlier..”

After looking around the festival for several minutes she pulled out her cell phone and tried calling him. “Bethany, where did you go?” “Hey Mark, I was running late I just got to the festival, where are you?” “That’s not funny Beth, I know you’re trying to scare me.” “what are you talking about?” “You just ran off in front of me, this isn’t funny.” He sounded frustrated and she was starting to get annoyed. Snapping a photo of her next to Mrs. Wilson she sent it to him. “What the… You haven’t had time to change there’s no way..” she heard a voice that sounded a lot like hers in the background “Mark whoever is in there with you that isn’t me I swear..” The line was quiet for a few moments other than heavy breathing as mark started to panic then a voice that sounded identical to her own came over the line “She’s right Mark.. I’m not Bethany” the woman giggled “Oh Shi..” his words were cut off and the line went dead.

Mark was never found and there were no signs of the woman he had entered with.. The morning after the police recovered Marks phone, the only evidence of anything wrong was a photo mark snapped, He looked terrified and the woman behind him would have been an exact duplicate of Bethany if not for her dark lifeless eyes and an aura darker than the night.. Some say he was abducted by a psychopath, others say it was a mistress of the night.. The truth may never be known.

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December 2nd, 2017